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Wapiti River

WAPITI RIVER L'il Rip Bugle Tube

WAPITI RIVER L'il Rip Bugle Tube

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With the L’il Rip bugle tube you will be heading to the meat locker on your next hunt.


- Small compact design. 22 3/4” x 4” x 4

 - Newly designed thicker plastic produces more authentic signs.

 - Flared silicone mouthpiece for comfort.

-Inset silicone bands for vibration dampening, and to keep the camo sleeves in place.

 - Big zipper pocket to hold reeds.

 - Silicone exhaust end with smaller exhaust port. Produces more thumping sounds and helps the caller reach there high note with ease.

 - 3 camo colour options by Prym 1 Camo. MP, Woodlands and Blackout.

- Full or 3/4 sleeve length options

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