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VICTORY VAP 12 Pack Fletched

VICTORY VAP 12 Pack Fletched

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Victory Arrows – VAP Elite Vane Fletched

The ultimate micro-diameter arrow, 100% hi-modulus carbon fiber. hunting arrow

If you are looking for Speed with unmatched Penetration then look no further. The Victory VAP Hunting shaft was designed by composite engineers & archers to out perform & out penetrate all other shafts in the market. The VAP shaft combines the deadly combination of a micro outer diameter while maximizing kinetic energy, accuracy and penetration making it by far the most powerful, accurate hunting arrow on the market.

With Industry leading straightness tolerances, of +/-.001 & tight weight tolerances, coupled with Victory’s Spine alignment process the VAP is unmatched. The VAP has a variety of precision 7075 aluminum & stainless steel components that help increase the EFOC (Extreme Forward of Center) design which offers ultimate long range accuracy and penetration for that animal of a lifetime.


    • 100% Hi-Modulus Carbon Fiber For Strength and Durability
    • Micro Outer Diamater – Constant ID For Maximum Speed Penetration
    • Nano Ceramic “ICE” Coating Improves Penetration and Allows For Easy Removal From Targets
    • 7075 Aluminum Components
    • VAP Arrows are sorted to +/-0.5 of grain weight per dozen.
    • Spine Aligned For Increased Accuracy and Tighter Grouping
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