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VICTORY NVX 25 Arrow Shafts

VICTORY NVX 25 Arrow Shafts

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The NVX 25 arrows have become a favorite for many 3D and indoor archers. These large diameter shafts provide line-cutting abilities with speed and accuracy to match.

The Elite Series NVX 25 has a shaft straightness factor of +/- 0.001".

.345 Series - Large diameter, .345 high modulus 100% carbon fiber construction. Larger diameter for unparalleled accuracy with line cutting abilities.

Spine Aligned - Every arrow is digitally spine alligned for increased accuracy and shot to shot consistency.

Matched Weight - Each dozen arrows is weight matched to (+/-) 0.5 grains for precise shot consistency and tighter grouping.

Ice Nano Ceramic Coating - Victory uses advanced nano ceramic arrow coating to improve penetration and allow for easy removal from targets.
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