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TRUFIRE Wrsit Assist

TRUFIRE Wrsit Assist

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Enjoy the best of both worlds when drawing your bow with the Tru-Fire® Wrist Assist for Handheld Bow Release. Combining the confidence of a wrist-anchored release with the control of the a handheld bow release, this handy accessory makes it easy for bowhunters to connect their favorite handheld release to an easy-adjusting Tru-Fire buckle wrist strap. Rope style length adjustment makes it easy to find that perfect draw length point, and stays there thanks to the locking, anti-slip mechanism. Strap combines quality, no-stretch suede fabric construction with durable aluminum components.

  • Wrist strap for handheld bow releases
  • Rope style length adjustment - infinite adjustment
  • Locking, anti-slip mechanism holds length adjustment where you set it
  • Buckle wrist strap - quality, no-stretch suede fabric construction
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