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TRUFIRE Smoke Buckle Foldback Wrist Release

TRUFIRE Smoke Buckle Foldback Wrist Release

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TruFire's Smoke Foldback release offers Smoking Accuracy in a compact size. The springloaded dual jaw caliper release shares features from both the Hurricane and Edge models. The rugged Hurricane Jaws matched with the dime sized head of the edge and a more forward trigger than the Edge. 5/8-Inch length adjustment and the buckle strap with foldback ring means you will find the perfect fit and have your hands free to glass or climb with no flopping or clanging.

  • Dual caliper release
  • Spring loaded jaws
  • 5/8 inch length adjustment
  • Compact head
  • Fold back strap
  • Smoking accuracy in a compact size
  • Springloaded dual jaw caliper release
  • Length adjustment and foldback option
  • Dime sized head
  • Fits both left and right hands
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