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Tooth of the Arrow

Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads

Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads

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Tooth of the Arrow | Best Fixed Blade Broadheads: The Perfect Choice for Field Point Accuracy and Unmatched Durability.

Welcome to Tooth of the Arrow Broadheads, your home for the best in fixed blade broadheads. We understand a broadhead's vital role in your success and have painstakingly engineered ours to offer field point accuracy and unbeatable durability.

We're proud to offer two sizes in our fixed blade broadheads, each specifically designed to maximize your success in different hunting situations. Our 1-inch broadheads are perfect in scenarios that call for longer shots or when you're after game that demands superior penetration. For hunting smaller to medium-sized game, like deer, our 1-3/16-inch broadheads are a perfect match, designed to stop them where they stand.

Whichever size you choose, you can select from a range of weights to match your setup. Our 1-inch comes in options from 85-grain to 150-grain, while the 1-3/16-inch is available from 100-grain to 175-grain. At Tooth of the Arrow, you're sure to find the ideal combination of size and weight for your hunting needs.

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