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SPYPOINT SPLB-22 Lithium Battery Solar Panel

SPYPOINT SPLB-22 Lithium Battery Solar Panel

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The new lithium battery solar panel available from SPYPOINT is a perfect solution for those out-of-the-way spots you can’t, or don’t want to visit until the timing is perfect. The solar panel constantly charges the integrated 15,000mAh battery so your camera can run for months, without you needing to visit to service the batteries.
There are four output power cord choices supplied, making it easy to match your camera to the SPLB-22, regardless of camera manufacturer. You’ll also receive a mounting bracket and strap to make sure you can position and install the lithium battery solar panel in the perfect location.

• 10 Watts
• 15,000mAh
• 4 LED charge indicator lights
• 10.7 x 10.2 x 2 (inches)

The lithium battery solar panel can be fully charged by the sun in about 24 hours. It also includes a DC power adapter to charge by plugging it in, this process will take 5 hours. Like any solar panel, it will perform best in areas where full sun is available for as much of the day as possible, and the angle of the panel is adjustable to help with this. Additionally, keeping the panels clean from dirt, debris, and pollen can keep performance as high as possible.
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