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QAD Ultrarest Integrate MX2

QAD Ultrarest Integrate MX2

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The MX2, an upgraded version of the MX, is designed for rugged hunting. It features a durable capture bar and robust 7075 aluminum launcher with customizable dampers for quiet operation. The ULTRAREST Integrate MX2 offers precision micro-adjustments, drop-away, let-down control, arrow containment, and lock-down tech. It's compatible with Mathews, Hoyt, PSE, Bowtech, Prime, Athens, Darton, Bear, Xpedition, and APA bows, attaches seamlessly to the Integrate Mounting System®, and is 60% lighter than Berger mounts.

Made in the USA with a limited lifetime warranty. 


  • Replaceable launch dampers.
  • Total containment technology: improved capture bar, and thumb lever arrow cocking, makes for an extremely reliable hunting platform.
  • Lock down technology: drops and locks down so there is no bounce back and no fletching contact
  • EZ clamp: quick and effortless cord adjustment with no serving required
  • Safety break away: when the launcher is forced down, if will safely break away and prevent damage or injury
  • Anti vibration: cam brake and dampers kill excess noise and vibrations
  • Velocity drop-away: high-tension spring drops the launcher for clearance at over 400 fps
  • Microclick technology: Allows fine tune adjustment of the MX2. Allowing superior performance and tuning capabilities. 
  • Velocity drop-away: When launcher rotates to 90 degree while bow is drawn VDT is activated. This Allows the launcher to drop away only while the bow is fired. Letting down your bow slowly will return launcher to 80 degree position.
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