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Nock On

NOCK ON Nock 2 It Release

NOCK ON Nock 2 It Release

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The Nock 2 It is one of the most popular releases on the market today and for good reason! It's been dominating the archery community due to its simplicity, comfort and its ability to tighten groups quickly. The Nock 2 It series features a custom 2 finger design, auto-closing jaw for a quick and easy attachment to your d-loop, wrist lanyard. The finger hole is innovated to accommodate use with a light glove while hunting in addition to adding the security of making it ideal for drawing the bow. By limiting the number of fingers you use on the release you instantly reduce the variation in your release angle and rocker position because the hand stays ergonomically correct. Simply put, by forcing repeatable hand and finger pressure you quickly recognize the repeatability downrange! Your group will never be the same again.

Now available in both Gold and Green colorways,  (Please note: shades of green may vary) 

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