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Nock On

NOCK ON Elevate Drop Away Rest

NOCK ON Elevate Drop Away Rest

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The Elevate Offset Mount Limb Activated Fall-Away arrow rest provides the same vane clearance, precision adjustments, and ultimate accuracy as the original Nock On Elevate Rest but features an offset mounting block that allows for better center shot alignment on bow models with thicker risers. These model bows include all Mathews®, 2020 and newer Hoyt® bows and PSE® EVO EVL and Carbon Stealth model bows. This new rest also features a launcher blade that is twice the thickness of the original launcher blade for substantially increased durability and longevity.

The Nock On Elevate Offset Mount Rest comes ready to go as a limb driven fall-away rest with a half cage containment system to keep your arrow in a ready position. However, it can quickly and easily be adapted to a full containment cage or cable-driven fall-away rest system. Each rest includes a quick to install launcher blade block that fits 3 different blade widths and comes standard with both the narrow and wide .010 blades. The rest is fully micro-adjustable for horizontal and vertical movements and allows adjustment of the launcher blade to any angle. The rest package comes complete with a no stretch cord, both limb and cable attachments, rubber shelf pad, silencing felt, a reverse spring and Teflon tape. It is also covered under AAE’s long-standing warranty. If it is found to have any manufacturing defects, AAE will replace it or fix it for free.

Elevate your shooting to an all-new level with the custom-designed Elevate Offset Rest built specifically for bows with thicker risers.

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