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Nock On

NOCK ON Custom Release Holder

NOCK ON Custom Release Holder

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The all-new Nock On Custom Release Holster is made exclusively to fit 4 Nock On Custom Releases! This high-performance, USA made release holster, protects and secures the Nock 2 It, Mini Nock 2 It, Silverback PLUS and Mini Silverback PLUS Releases. (Note: this holster does NOT fit the original Silverback)

The standard holster position fits both the Nock 2 It and Silverback PLUS allowing those archers that have both releases to easily interchange releases in the holster without any adjustment. It also features an innovative adjustment block that allows for adjustments to be made to secure the Mini Nock 2 It and the Mini Silverback PLUS.

It features a quick attach and release clip system that easily fits on a belt, quiver, backpack or any other location you want to secure your release. The Nock On Custom Release Holster is the perfect item for both target archers and bowhunters who are always on the move and want their release always on the ready.

TO ADJUST for the Mini Nock 2 It and Mini Silverback PLUS simply load the release and shift it tightly to the ring finger side of the release. Once positioned flush left in the holster, use an allen wrench to turn the lever arm set screw clockwise to shift the adjustment tighter against the release casing to close the gap and secure the "mini" versions of the releases. Once the adjustment is made, you can slightly modify the tightness you prefer for the Custom Release Holster.

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