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Nock On

NOCK ON Back Strap Release

NOCK ON Back Strap Release

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The Back Strap is a patent pending tension activated wrist release. Engineered unlike any other wrist strap ever made, this is the ideal cure for target panic and buck fever. The design allows for the archer to draw, deactivate the safety by squeezing the trigger, and finally execute the perfect surprise shot by continuing to pull through. It is the ultimate wrist release for World-class shooting technique and accuracy.

A collaboration between Nock On and Carter Enterprises, the Back Strap combines the technology and innovation of the record selling Silverback series with the Center Pivot Trigger (C.P.S patent pending) into the ultimate index activated tension release. It features a comfortable BOA system wrist strap that allows for micro adjustment and quick removal. The wrist strap also provides easy adjustment for cord length to fit any archer and can easily be flipped to work for both RIGHT and LEFT handed.

The Back Strap can easily be adjusted to fire as light or as heavy as wanted for the surprise shot. For example, a 70lb bow with 80% let off has a holding weight of 14lbs at full draw. Simply adjust the Back Strap to fire several pounds above the holding weight. The tension screw allows the archer to adjust for his or her shooting style, providing a wide firing weight range anywhere from 10lbs to 40lbs. The Back Strap’s tension screw and C.P.S also allows the archer to use the release as a standard index trigger by simply adjusting tension screw lighter than the bows holding weight.
Combine the new Back Strap with the FREE Nock On Education/ Training videos to become the best archer of your life. This is the one wrist strap to rule them all.
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