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Flex Fletch

FLEX FLETCH Zing Primer Pen

FLEX FLETCH Zing Primer Pen

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Zing! Fletching Primer Pen Makes Fletching Arrows a Breeze!

The Zing! Fletching Primer Pen is the easiest, fastest, and strongest way to fletch your arrows.

Zing! fletching primer was the first primer to break onto the archery scene in the United States and is still the leader. It is an ozone friendly primer used to prepare polyolefin surfaces for bonding with cyanocrylate adhesives (CA). It speeds up the adhesion process and strengthens it when bonding with Zing! adhesion glues.

How To Use the Zing! Fletching Primer Pen

The Zing! Fletching Primer Pen uses a plunge-action to wet the fiber tip with the correct amount of primer for precision application of the primer to the base of the vane or other plastic/rubber parts. There's no waste and no mess, even if you forget to put the cap back on! It is ideally used with a Zing! Kling adhesive tube. It also works well with most other cyanoacrylate adhesives. Not intended for use with solvent type adhesives such as Flex-Bond, Saunder NPV, or Bohning Platinum.

  • Dry Time: 15-30 seconds
  • On-Part Life: 5 minutes
  • Ideal Adhesive: Zing! Kling Adhesive Tube
  • Full cure with Zing! Kling Adhesive Tube: 8 hours (24 hours without Zing! Fletching Primer)
  • Product Size: 11 gm pre-loaded plunge-tip pen
  • Also available in a pint
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