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Flex Fletch

FLEX FLETCH Silent Knight

FLEX FLETCH Silent Knight

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Silent Knight Archery Vanes

TOUGHER, FASTER, QUIETER- The Bowhunters Vane.

  • 3” Shield Cut
  • 30% thinner with a smooth tapered blade that cuts through the air
  • Sliqtra ™ one of a kind cured memory resin.
  • Super tough, can handle cold weather, can be buried in targets, comes back to shape on it’s own.
  • Lighter than most 2” vanes.
  • No Prep Vane.
  • Made In USA

Independent Laboratory Sound Studies

Independent laboratory sound studies show that the Silent Knight vanes make just half the sound of other competitor vanes. This includes those popular and over-hyped, two-inch, high-profile vanes. See the comparison below, which shows an asonishing improvement that will dramatically reduce misses and high-hits due to deer ducking the arrow.

Silent Knight Archery Vanes Sound Study

Silent Knight Specifications

  • Length: 3"
  • Height: 0.485"/1.23cm
  • Weight: 6.8 grains
  • Color: Wide range available
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