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ELEVATION Raptor Kickstand

ELEVATION Raptor Kickstand

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Keeping your cams out of the mud and dirt during a competition is a top priority for any target archer and is easily achievable with the Raptor Kickstand from Elevation. Made of high-quality light weight nylon, this kickstand folds easily and is designed to easily fit into pockets, quivers, or shooting stools. This kickstand gives you peace of mind when going to check your groups keeping your mind where it should be, in the zone.

  • Will keep your bow upright and cams out of the mud and dirt
  • Adjustable Bow Stand 
  • Made of a lightweight nylon
  • Has a foldable design to fit into pockets, quivers, and stools
  • Has a side-grated design
  • Can accommodate up to 3.25” limb width
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