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Golden Arrow

EASTON 6.5 Hunter Classic Fletched Arrows - Single

EASTON 6.5 Hunter Classic Fletched Arrows - Single

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Easton’s New 6MM Venture uses a 100% carbon-fiber construction and is engineered to the same high-performance standards used in other hunting arrows.  Perfect for low-poundage or short-draw bowhunters, Venture is packed with features including a reduced diameter 6mm shaft for improved performance in the wind and a HI-VIZ factory crested nock end for visibility.

Venture is available in a 600 Spine, factory-fletched, with 2” High Profile, shield cut hunting vanes making it the perfect arrow for beginners of all ages.


Ready-to-shoot club/beginner hunting arrow


  • Multi-layer wrapped 100% carbon-fiber construction
  • 6mm parallel design
  • Straightness checked
  • Weight matched
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