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Nock On

NOCK ON Riddance Stabilizer

NOCK ON Riddance Stabilizer

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Say hello to tighter groups and a better feel while saying good RIDDANCE to bow noise and vibration. The Riddance Short Rods have changed the game for Stabilizers with proprietary materials and technology perfectly paired for any bow. For the Short Rods choose between the 8 or 10" lengths. Actual length is +3" from measurement with Doinker and Weight Stack

Say Good Riddance to vibration and bow noise! The Riddance Stabilizers are the results of several years of testing to find the perfect combination of proprietary materials and technologies to perfectly pair for the quietest and most dead in hand feel on the market. Each innovative material is perfectly matched to cancel out any noise and vibration in the bow. After just one shot you will know why the RIDDANCE lives up to all the hype.

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